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What is Remedy Institute?

Remedy Institute is a charitable organization designed to support innovative research, ideas, community and practice. It is the natural extension of Remedy's vision to create innovation in mental health care. Remedy was always designed to have Remedy Institute exist alongside it. 

Our Guiding Goals:

  1. To conduct innovative research.

  2. To provide access to mental health services. 

What Do We Do Here?



We work together and independently to create change for mental health. We do research, including examining the use of MDMA in the treatment of PTSD, and create and share knowledge about living our desired lives.


Access to Services

We create opportunities for individuals to access mental health services, including low and no cost services that are provided through Remedy. 

Visit our Community Support Program page to learn more. 


Innovative Projects

Our team members are supported to pursue their ideas to innovate mental healthcare and support growth and exploration.

Remedy Institute will allow up to a maximum of 20% overhead/indirect costs in sub-grants or payment from Remedy Institute projects.

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