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Jonathan Danson

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Jon is a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist registered in Ontario. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, focusing his research on healing from traumatic stress. He completed his pre-doctoral residency at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. Over the past eight years, he has acted as Clinical Director for private psychology clinics in Toronto. Through these experiences, he developed an intimate knowledge of the ways that these clinics operate, both from business and healthcare perspectives. Over time, Jon has become increasingly aware of the ways that these two factors can be at odds with each other; putting business first compromises clients’ ability to get the high-quality care they deserve, while putting clients first often means that Psychologists or clinics must make decisions that negatively impact their ability to make a living. While Psychologists and clinics make efforts to bridge this gap (e.g., by offering sliding scale or pro-bono services), this is often limited. Jon’s involvement in the development and operation of Remedy Institute is in the interest of further addressing this issue by increasing access to Psychologists in the private sector without putting the burden on Psychologists. He is excited to leverage his decade of clinical and program development experience in hospitals, community health clinics, executive health clinics, and private practices to make Remedy Institute a successful and replicable model for the provision of mental health services.

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