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Nicole Murphy 

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Nicole is a mental health advocate with a passion to help people grow, heal, and change in ways that are personally meaningful. Nicole has spent a decade working, living, and travelling abroad, becoming immersed in and learning from individuals in different cultures across North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia. A significant part of the journey entailed being involved with traditional ceremonies, healing techniques and medicines as well as training in alternative therapies for mental health and wellness. Nicole has a BA in Psychology and is currently exploring ways to reach people who are less likely to seek out therapy or who are traditionally left out of healing and growth practices, and focuses on facilitating lasting integrated growth. Her dedication to innovation and research in mental health is the drive behind her involvement in the development and operations of Remedy Institute. Nicole has had a successful career in marketing, sales and management bringing an approach of adaptability, openness to change, genuine curiosity and a belief in the importance of lifelong learning. Nicole values accessibility, community, and inclusivity and strives to incorporate these qualities into her work at Remedy Institute.  

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