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Press Release

Remedy Institute: New Charity Launches for Psychedelic Research & Access to Therapy

TORONTO, ON — The team behind Remedy launches Remedy Institute, a new charity
focused on supporting mental health innovation & research, including with psychedelics,
training for aspiring mental health professionals, as well as low to no-cost therapy services
for marginalized communities.

Remedy is currently conducting clinical trials in MDMA-assisted Cognitive Processing
Therapy (CPT) and is planning on another trial in MDMA-assisted Cognitive-Behavioral
Conjoint Therapy (CBCT) for couples with PTSD.

This research into “non-ordinary states of consciousness and psychedelics,” says co-founder
Dr. Anne Wagner, inspired herself and other founding members Nicole Murphy, Dr.
Jonathan Danson & Stephanie Buono, to build an organization that creates “a home that would
be friendly to the type of research that is typically not funded by government grants.”

“Remedy Institute has always been part of the plan,” states Wagner while describing how
the centre and the new charity will work together, “the idea there is that we are donating
profit from Remedy to Remedy Institute to be able to create this self-sustaining ecosystem.”

“The driving force behind Remedy Institute is to create opportunities to continually
grow and innovate and that there is no limit to what we can do.”
— Dr. Anne Wagner

The charity makes it possible for mental health practitioners to not only work with clients in
the community, but to also participate and lead in research. With funding from Remedy
Institute, new researchers & clinicians will be “getting to do this work, literally in the clinic,”
says Wagner, “So they're seeing how that works. They're learning how the operations of that
transpire, they're seeing the impact on the team.”

Ultimately, Remedy Institute aims to bridge together community, research, and practice in
order to maximize the potential for healing for Canadians.

Remedy Institute launches March 14th, 2022, in Toronto, Ontario and will begin accepting
donations immediately.

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