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Mental Health Innovation Charity Remedy Institute Announces Community Support Program to Provide Low and No Cost Therapy

TORONTO, November 14, 2022 — Remedy Institute, a fledgling charity dedicated to innovation in mental health, has announced the launch of their Community Support Program, which provides financial assistance to people facing economic barriers to accessing treatment. The program operates with a particular focus on 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC, and artist communities. 

In the six months since its launch, Remedy Institute has laid the foundations of the Community Support Program and begun to issue the first round of bursaries to folks in the community who are struggling to cover the cost of their treatment. With this significant milestone achieved, Remedy Institute is hoping to build on the program’s initial success by launching its first fundraising campaign, “Zero to 60: Accelerating Access to Treatment.”

“With our first community program in place, we can see the direct impact we’re having in people’s lives by supporting their growth. The next step is to accelerate our progress,” said Remedy Institute founder and psychologist Dr. Anne Wagner. 

Through the campaign, Remedy Institute aims to raise $60,000 and establish a base of 60 monthly donors over the next 60 days. Reaching these targets will allow Remedy Institute to increase the program’s capacity to a minimum of 30 recipients and to establish a base of grassroots support through small monthly donations. 

The Community Support Program is just one example of how the charity operates within a sustainable framework. The program is funded in part by Remedy, the unique social venture and clinical practice that reinvests its profits back into the community through Remedy Institute, which administers the Community Support Program. For more details on the program please visit

Remedy Institute is a registered charity that conducts innovative research into new treatment modalities and provides access to mental health care services for people facing financial barriers to accessing treatment. For more information please visit

Media Contact
Eric Sorenson, Communications Manager


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